Commit 635ca796 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(allout-resolve-xref): Fix typos in error strings.

(allout-before-change-protect): Remove unneeded `concat'.
parent d005338b
......@@ -2218,8 +2218,7 @@ are exempt from this restriction."
(if rehide-place (goto-char rehide-place))
(error (concat
"Change within concealed region prevented.")))))))
(error "Change within concealed region prevented."))))))
) ; if
) ; defun
;;;_ = allout-post-goto-bullet
......@@ -3426,9 +3425,9 @@ by pops to non-distinctive yanks. Bug..."
(if (not allout-file-xref-bullet)
"outline cross references disabled - no `allout-file-xref-bullet'")
"Outline cross references disabled - no `allout-file-xref-bullet'")
(if (not (string= (allout-current-bullet) allout-file-xref-bullet))
(error "current heading lacks cross-reference bullet `%s'"
(error "Current heading lacks cross-reference bullet `%s'"
(let (file-name)
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