Commit 63bb3d8e authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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parent 2cb250dd
......@@ -78,7 +78,6 @@ struct frame
struct Lisp_Vector *next;
/* All Lisp_Object components must come first.
Only EMACS_INT values can be intermixed with them.
That ensures they are all aligned normally. */
/* Name of this frame: a Lisp string. It is used for looking up resources,
......@@ -162,7 +161,7 @@ struct frame
/* List of buffers that were viewed, then buried in this frame. The
most recently buried buffer is first. For last-buffer. */
Lisp_Object buried_buffer_list;
/* A dummy window used to display menu bars under X when no X
toolkit support is available. */
Lisp_Object menu_bar_window;
......@@ -176,7 +175,7 @@ struct frame
/* Desired and current contents displayed in tool_bar_window. */
Lisp_Object desired_tool_bar_string, current_tool_bar_string;
/* beyond here, there should be no more Lisp_Object components. */
/* Beyond here, there should be no more Lisp_Object components. */
/* Cache of realized faces. */
struct face_cache *face_cache;
......@@ -275,7 +274,7 @@ struct frame
/* The terminal device that this frame uses. If this is NULL, then
the frame has been deleted. */
struct terminal *terminal;
/* Device-dependent, frame-local auxiliary data used for displaying
the contents. When the frame is deleted, this data is deleted as
well. */
......@@ -441,11 +440,11 @@ struct frame
/* Set to non-zero in when we want for force a flush_display in
update_frame, usually after resizing the frame. */
unsigned force_flush_display_p : 1;
/* All display backends seem to need these two pixel values. */
unsigned long background_pixel;
unsigned long foreground_pixel;
/* Set to non-zero if the default face for the frame has been
realized. Reset to zero whenever the default face changes.
Used to see the difference between a font change and face change. */
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