Commit 63d0dc79 authored by Federico Tedin's avatar Federico Tedin Committed by Eli Zaretskii

Allow control on the threshold for using 'distant-foreground'

* src/xfaces.c (NEAR_SAME_COLOR_THRESHOLD): Macro deleted.
(load_face_colors): Compare against
face_near_same_color_threshold instead of
(syms_of_xfaces) <face-near-same-color-threshold>: New
variable.  (Bug#34001)

* etc/NEWS: Announce the change.
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......@@ -145,6 +145,13 @@ EMACS_SOCKET_NAME environment variable to an appropriate value.
*** When run by root, emacsclient no longer connects to non-root sockets.
(Instead you can use Tramp methods to run root commands in a non-root Emacs.)
** Control of the threshold for using the 'distant-foreground' color.
The threshold for color distance below which the 'distant-foreground'
color of the face will be used instead of the foreground color can now
be controlled via the new variable 'face-near-same-color-threshold'.
The default value is 30000, as the previously hard-coded threshold.
** The function 'read-passwd' uses '*' as default character to hide passwords.
......@@ -1157,8 +1157,6 @@ load_color (struct frame *f, struct face *face, Lisp_Object name,
/* Load colors for face FACE which is used on frame F. Colors are
of ATTRS. If the background color specified is not supported on F,
......@@ -1199,7 +1197,7 @@ load_face_colors (struct frame *f, struct face *face,
if (!NILP (dfg) && !UNSPECIFIEDP (dfg)
&& color_distance (&xbg, &xfg) < NEAR_SAME_COLOR_THRESHOLD)
&& color_distance (&xbg, &xfg) < face_near_same_color_threshold)
if (EQ (attrs[LFACE_INVERSE_INDEX], Qt))
face->background = load_color (f, face, dfg, LFACE_BACKGROUND_INDEX);
......@@ -6799,6 +6797,17 @@ RESCALE-RATIO is a floating point number to specify how much larger
a font of 10 point, we actually use a font of 10 * RESCALE-RATIO point. */);
Vface_font_rescale_alist = Qnil;
DEFVAR_INT ("face-near-same-color-threshold", face_near_same_color_threshold,
doc: /* Threshold for using distant-foreground color instead of foreground.
The value should be an integer number providing the minimum distance
between two colors that will still qualify them to be used as foreground
and background. If the value of `color-distance', invoked with a nil
METRIC argument, for the foreground and background colors of a face is
less than this threshold, the distant-foreground color, if defined,
will be used for the face instead of the foreground color. */);
face_near_same_color_threshold = 30000;
defsubr (&Sbitmap_spec_p);
defsubr (&Sx_list_fonts);
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