Commit 63e81ac4 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-init-extensions): Add keybindings for `calc-copy-to-register'

and `calc-insert-register'.  Autoload new register functions.
parent c8a991aa
......@@ -456,6 +456,8 @@
(define-key calc-mode-map "mX" 'calc-load-everything)
(define-key calc-mode-map "r" nil)
(define-key calc-mode-map "ri" 'calc-insert-register)
(define-key calc-mode-map "rs" 'calc-copy-to-register)
(define-key calc-mode-map "r?" 'calc-r-prefix-help)
(define-key calc-mode-map "s" nil)
......@@ -956,6 +958,8 @@ math-read-brackets math-reduce-cols math-reduce-vec math-transpose)
("calc-yank" calc-alg-edit calc-clean-newlines
calc-do-grab-rectangle calc-do-grab-region calc-finish-stack-edit
calc-copy-to-register calc-insert-register
calc-append-to-register calc-prepend-to-register
calc-force-refresh calc-locate-cursor-element calc-show-edit-buffer)
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