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@node{Remote Files}: Mention Tramp.

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......@@ -2959,6 +2959,12 @@ extract or manipulate the subfiles in the archive.
@node Remote Files
@section Remote Files
@cindex Tramp
In the following, file access via FTP will be discussed. In
addition to that facility, it is also possible to access remote files
through a shell connection. @xref{Top, The Tramp Manual,, tramp, The
Tramp Manual}.
@cindex FTP
@cindex remote file access
You can refer to files on other machines using a special file name syntax:
......@@ -2978,6 +2984,19 @@ name @var{user}. It may ask you for a password from time to time; this
is used for logging in on @var{host}. The form using @var{port} allows
you to access servers running on a non-default TCP port.
For using Tramp, the file name syntax looks like this:
@end group
@end example
Note that the square brackets are part of the file names.
@cindex backups for remote files
@vindex ange-ftp-make-backup-files
If you want to disable backups for remote files, set the variable
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