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Mention that M-x clone-buffer can be used to create multiple *info* and

*Help* buffers.  Add an index entry.
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......@@ -429,6 +429,7 @@ whose name is @var{indirect-name} and whose text is identical to that of
the buffer @var{base-buffer}. It prompts for both @var{base-buffer} and
@cindex multiple @samp{*info*} and @samp{*Help*} buffers
The command @kbd{M-x clone-indirect-buffer} creates an indirect buffer
whose base buffer is the current buffer, and also selects the
newly-created indirect buffer. With a numeric argument, it prompts for
......@@ -436,7 +437,8 @@ the name of the indirect buffer; otherwise it defaults to the name of
the current buffer, modifying it by adding a @samp{<@var{n}>} prefix if
required. @kbd{C-x 4 c} (@code{clone-indirect-buffer-other-window})
works like @kbd{M-x clone-indirect-buffer}, but it selects the cloned
buffer in another window.
buffer in another window. These commands come in handy if you want to
create new @samp{*info*} or @samp{*Help*} buffers, for example.
@node Buffer Convenience
@section Convenience Features and Customization of Buffer Handling
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