Remove XEmacs audio checks from mm-decode.el

For discussion, see the following threads:
* lisp/gnus/mm-decode.el (mm-inline-media-tests): Remove no-op media
tests for XEmacs features.
parent db9af103
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in 57 minutes and 50 seconds
......@@ -262,15 +262,6 @@ before the external MIME handler is invoked."
("text/.*" mm-inline-text identity)
("application/x-.?tar\\(-.*\\)?" mm-archive-dissect-and-inline identity)
("application/zip" mm-archive-dissect-and-inline identity)
("audio/wav" mm-inline-audio
,(lambda (_handle)
(and (fboundp 'device-sound-enabled-p)
,(lambda (_handle)
(and (fboundp 'device-sound-enabled-p)
("application/pgp-signature" ignore identity)
("application/x-pkcs7-signature" ignore identity)
("application/pkcs7-signature" ignore identity)
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