Commit 640438b0 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(make_menu_in_widget): Don't add XmNpopdownCallback,

add XmNunmapCallback.
(xm_unmap_callback): New function.
(xm_pull_down_callback): Call pre-activate callback only if
parent is the menu bar.
parent 2088cd64
......@@ -125,6 +125,7 @@ static void xm_generic_callback P_ ((Widget, XtPointer, XtPointer));
static void xm_nosel_callback P_ ((Widget, XtPointer, XtPointer));
static void xm_pull_down_callback P_ ((Widget, XtPointer, XtPointer));
static void xm_pop_down_callback P_ ((Widget, XtPointer, XtPointer));
static void xm_unmap_callback P_ ((Widget, XtPointer, XtPointer));
void xm_set_keyboard_focus P_ ((Widget, Widget));
void xm_set_main_areas P_ ((Widget, Widget, Widget));
static void xm_internal_update_other_instances P_ ((Widget, XtPointer,
......@@ -505,11 +506,18 @@ make_menu_in_widget (instance, widget, val, keep_first_children)
abort ();
menubar_p = type == XmMENU_BAR;
#if 0 /* This can't be used in LessTif as of 2000-01-24 because it's
impossible to decide from this plus the cascading callback if a
popup is still posted or not. When selecting cascade button A,
then B, then clicking on the frame, the sequence of callbacks is
`cascading A', cascading B', `popdown for all cascade buttons in
the menu bar. */
/* Add a callback to popups and pulldowns that is called when
it is made invisible again. */
if (!menubar_p)
XtAddCallback (XtParent (widget), XmNpopdownCallback,
xm_pop_down_callback, (XtPointer)instance);
/* Preserve the first KEEP_FIRST_CHILDREN old children. */
for (child_index = 0, cur = val; child_index < keep_first_children;
......@@ -585,11 +593,15 @@ make_menu_in_widget (instance, widget, val, keep_first_children)
menu = XmCreatePulldownMenu (widget, cur->name, NULL, 0);
/* XmNpopdownCallback is working strangely under LessTif.
Using XmNunmapCallback is the only way to go there. */
if (menubar_p)
XtAddCallback (menu, XmNunmapCallback, xm_unmap_callback,
(XtPointer) instance);
make_menu_in_widget (instance, menu, cur->contents, 0);
XtSetArg (al [ac], XmNsubMenuId, menu); ac++;
/* Non-zero values don't work reliably in conjunction with
Emacs' event loop */
XtSetArg (al [ac], XmNmappingDelay, 0); ac++;
XtSetArg (al[ac], XmNsubMenuId, menu); ac++;
button = XmCreateCascadeButton (widget, cur->name, al, ac);
xm_update_label (instance, button, cur);
......@@ -1876,9 +1888,25 @@ xm_pull_down_callback (widget, closure, call_data)
XtPointer closure;
XtPointer call_data;
do_call (widget, closure, pre_activate);
Widget parent = XtParent (widget);
if (XmIsRowColumn (parent))
unsigned char type = 0xff;
XtVaGetValues (parent, XmNrowColumnType, &type, NULL);
if (type == XmMENU_BAR)
do_call (widget, closure, pre_activate);
/* XmNpopdownCallback for MenuShell widgets. WIDGET is the MenuShell,
CLOSURE is a pointer to the widget_instance of the shell, CALL_DATA
is always null under LessTif.
2000-01-23: This callback is called for each cascade button in
a menu, whether or not its submenu is visible. */
static void
xm_pop_down_callback (widget, closure, call_data)
Widget widget;
......@@ -1892,6 +1920,17 @@ xm_pop_down_callback (widget, closure, call_data)
do_call (widget, closure, post_activate);
static void
xm_unmap_callback (widget, closure, call_data)
Widget widget;
XtPointer closure;
XtPointer call_data;
widget_instance *instance = (widget_instance *) closure;
if (!instance->pop_up_p)
do_call (widget, closure, post_activate);
/* set the keyboard focus */
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