Commit 641ce935 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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; Typo fixes in comment

parent 542a7632
......@@ -148,11 +148,11 @@
;; emacs binary has been built. We therefore compromise and keep
;; ldefs-boot.el in the repository. This does not need to be updated
;; as often as the real loaddefs.el would. Bootstrap should always
;; work with ldefs-boot.el. Therefore, Whenever a new autoload cookie
;; work with ldefs-boot.el. Therefore, whenever a new autoload cookie
;; gets added that is necessary during bootstrapping, ldefs-boot.el
;; should be updated by overwriting it with an up-to-date copy of
;; loaddefs.el that is uncorrupted by local changes.
;; autogen/update_autogen can be used to periodically update ldefs-boot.
;; loaddefs.el that is not corrupted by local changes.
;; admin/update_autogen can be used to update ldefs-boot.el periodically.
(condition-case nil (load "loaddefs.el")
;; In case loaddefs hasn't been generated yet.
(file-error (load "ldefs-boot.el")))
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