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(Echo Area Customization): Don't define max-mini-window-height here;

xref instead.
parent 7d9f1aed
......@@ -495,12 +495,6 @@ sequence are echoed immediately.)
If the value is zero, then command input is not echoed.
@end defvar
@defopt max-mini-window-height
This variable specifies the maximum height for resizing minibuffer
windows. If a float, it specifies a fraction of the height of the
frame. If an integer, it specifies a number of lines.
@end defopt
@defvar message-truncate-lines
Normally, displaying a long message resizes the echo area to display
the entire message. But if the variable @code{message-truncate-lines}
......@@ -508,6 +502,11 @@ is non-@code{nil}, the echo area does not resize, and the message is
truncated to fit it, as in Emacs 20 and before.
@end defvar
The variable @code{max-mini-window-height}, which specifies the
maximum height for resizing minibuffer windows, also applies to the
echo area (which is really a special use of the minibuffer window.
@xref{Minibuffer Misc}.
@node Warnings
@section Reporting Warnings
@cindex warnings
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