Commit 642c61f3 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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2006-05-13 Eli Zaretskii <>
* makefile.w32-in (lisp1): Add fringe.elc.
2006-05-02 Francesco Potort,Al(B <>
* etags.c (Perl_functions): Free space allocated for var package.
2006-05-13 Eli Zaretskii <>
* buffers.texi (Current Buffer): Document that with-temp-buffer
disables undo.
* os.texi (Terminal-Specific): More accurate description of how
Emacs searches for the terminal-specific libraries.
2006-05-13 Eli Zaretskii <>
* (SOME_MACHINE_LISP): Add fringe.elc.
2006-05-12 Chong Yidong <>
* intervals.c (set_point_both): Fix mixup before before and after
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