Commit 642f3c5c authored by Ken Manheimer's avatar Ken Manheimer
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(allout-institute-keymap): Use fset instead of reapplying defalias.

(allout-hotspot-key-handler): Check for non-control-modified bindings for
hotspot characters if there is no control-modified versions.
parent d3e51865
......@@ -169,10 +169,11 @@ respective allout-mode keybinding variables, `allout-command-prefix',
;; used in minor-mode-map-alist to indirect to the actual
;; allout-mode-map-var value, which can be adjusted and reassigned.
;; allout-mode-map-value for keymap reference in various places:
(setq allout-mode-map-value map)
;; The defalias reexecution is necessary when allout-mode-map-value is
;; changing from nil, and it doesn't hurt to do it every time, so:
(defalias 'allout-mode-map allout-mode-map-value))
;; the function value keymap of allout-mode-map is used in
;; minor-mode-map-alist - update it:
(fset allout-mode-map allout-mode-map-value))
;;;_ * intialize the mode map:
;; ensure that allout-mode-map has some setting even if allout-mode hasn't
;; been invoked:
......@@ -3416,13 +3417,18 @@ Returns the qualifying command, if any, else nil."
(not modified)
(<= 33 key-num)
(setq mapped-binding
;; translate as a keybinding:
(key-binding (vconcat allout-command-prefix
(if (and (<= 97 key-num) ; "a"
(>= 122 key-num)) ; "z"
(- key-num 96) key-num)))
;; try control-modified versions of keys:
(key-binding (vconcat allout-command-prefix
(if (and (<= 97 key-num) ; "a"
(>= 122 key-num)) ; "z"
(- key-num 96) key-num)))
;; try non-modified versions of keys:
(key-binding (vconcat allout-command-prefix
(vector key-num))
;; Qualified as an allout command -- do hot-spot operation.
(setq allout-post-goto-bullet t)
;; accept-defaults nil, or else we get allout-item-icon-key-handler.
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