Commit 64348f40 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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* src/doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys): Revert last change.

parent ab896c37
2011-07-15 Andreas Schwab <>
* doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys): Revert last change.
2011-07-15 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys): Clarify that \= really only
......@@ -702,8 +702,8 @@ Substrings of the form \\=\\{MAPVAR} are replaced by summaries
\(made by `describe-bindings') of the value of MAPVAR, taken as a keymap.
Substrings of the form \\=\\<MAPVAR> specify to use the value of MAPVAR
as the keymap for future \\=\\[COMMAND] substrings.
\\=\\= quotes the following character and is discarded.
In particular, \\=\\=\\ puts \\ into the output.
\\=\\= quotes the following character and is discarded;
thus, \\=\\=\\=\\= puts \\=\\= into the output, and \\=\\=\\=\\[ puts \\=\\[ into the output.
Returns original STRING if no substitutions were made. Otherwise,
a new string, without any text properties, is returned. */)
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