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......@@ -704,6 +704,11 @@ appropriate for C-style escape sequences in strings.
** New modes and packages
*** bs.el is a new package for buffer selection similar to
list-buffers or electric-buffer-list. Use M-x bs-show to display a
buffer menu with this package. You can use M-x bs-customize to
customize the package.
*** The minor modes cwarn-mode and global-cwarn-mode highlights
suspicious C and C++ constructions. Currently, assignments inside
expressions, semicolon following `if', `for' and `while' (except, of
1999-12-28 Gerd Moellmann <>
* bs.el: New file.
1999-12-28 Richard M. Stallman <>
* textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-process-line):
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......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
(put 'nnmail 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
(put 'chistory 'custom-loads '("chistory"))
(put 'shell-directories 'custom-loads '("shell"))
(put 'idlwave-documentation 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'footnote 'custom-loads '("footnote"))
(put 'calendar-tex 'custom-loads '("cal-tex"))
(put 'mail-hist 'custom-loads '("mail-hist"))
......@@ -110,7 +111,7 @@
(put 'iso-acc 'custom-loads '("iso-acc"))
(put 'gnus-summary-pick 'custom-loads '("gnus-salt"))
(put 'gnus-thread 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum"))
(put 'languages 'custom-loads '("cus-edit" "info-look" "ada-mode" "antlr-mode" "asm-mode" "cperl-mode" "dcl-mode" "delphi" "fortran" "hideshow" "icon" "m4-mode" "meta-mode" "modula2" "octave-mod" "pascal" "perl-mode" "prolog" "ps-mode" "sh-script" "simula" "tcl" "vhdl-mode" "sgml-mode"))
(put 'languages 'custom-loads '("cus-edit" "info-look" "ada-mode" "antlr-mode" "asm-mode" "cperl-mode" "dcl-mode" "delphi" "fortran" "hideshow" "icon" "idlwave" "m4-mode" "meta-mode" "modula2" "octave-mod" "pascal" "perl-mode" "prolog" "ps-mode" "sh-script" "simula" "tcl" "vhdl-mode" "sgml-mode"))
(put 'reftex-miscellaneous-configurations 'custom-loads '("reftex-vars"))
(put 'ediff-ptch 'custom-loads '("ediff-ptch"))
(put 'jka-compr 'custom-loads '("jka-compr"))
......@@ -118,6 +119,7 @@
(put 'ediff 'custom-loads '("ediff-diff" "ediff-init" "ediff-mult" "ediff-ptch" "ediff-wind" "ediff"))
(put 'feedmail-spray 'custom-loads '("feedmail"))
(put 'gnus-treading 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum"))
(put 'idlwave-external-programs 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'strokes 'custom-loads '("strokes"))
(put 'mouse 'custom-loads '("mouse" "menu-bar" "avoid" "goto-addr" "mouse-sel" "msb" "mwheel" "strokes" "tooltip"))
(put 'nnmail-various 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
......@@ -154,6 +156,7 @@
(put 'archive-lzh 'custom-loads '("arc-mode"))
(put 'vhdl-sequential-process 'custom-loads '("vhdl-mode"))
(put 'simula 'custom-loads '("simula"))
(put 'bs-appearence 'custom-loads '("bs"))
(put 'vhdl-comment 'custom-loads '("vhdl-mode"))
(put 'message-buffers 'custom-loads '("message"))
(put '5x5 'custom-loads '("5x5"))
......@@ -168,6 +171,7 @@
(put 'spell 'custom-loads '("spell"))
(put 'rmail-headers 'custom-loads '("rmail"))
(put 'gnus-score-decay 'custom-loads '("gnus-score"))
(put 'idlwave-shell-initial-commands 'custom-loads '("idlwave-shell"))
(put 'tildify 'custom-loads '("tildify"))
(put 'cperl-autoinsert-details 'custom-loads '("cperl-mode"))
(put 'help 'custom-loads '("help" "apropos" "cus-edit" "help-macro" "info-look" "info" "man" "tooltip"))
......@@ -192,6 +196,7 @@
(put 'gnus-message 'custom-loads '("message" "gnus"))
(put 'mh-buffer 'custom-loads '("mh-utils"))
(put 'feedmail-queue 'custom-loads '("feedmail"))
(put 'idlwave-misc 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'cmuscheme 'custom-loads '("cmuscheme" "xscheme"))
(put 'file-cache 'custom-loads '("filecache"))
(put 'uce 'custom-loads '("uce"))
......@@ -209,12 +214,14 @@
(put 'imenu 'custom-loads '("imenu"))
(put 'scribe 'custom-loads '("scribe"))
(put 'server 'custom-loads '("server"))
(put 'idlwave-shell-highlighting-and-faces 'custom-loads '("idlwave-shell"))
(put 'tcl 'custom-loads '("tcl"))
(put 'vhdl-print 'custom-loads '("vhdl-mode"))
(put 'gnus-summary-tree 'custom-loads '("gnus-salt"))
(put 'tar 'custom-loads '("tar-mode"))
(put 'archive 'custom-loads '("arc-mode"))
(put 'PostScript-interaction 'custom-loads '("ps-mode"))
(put 'idlwave-abbrev-and-indent-action 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'ps-print 'custom-loads '("ps-print"))
(put 'view 'custom-loads '("view" "calendar"))
(put 'cwarn 'custom-loads '("cwarn"))
......@@ -275,6 +282,7 @@
(put 'i18n 'custom-loads '("cus-edit" "double" "ccl" "iso-acc" "iso-ascii" "ogonek"))
(put 'sh 'custom-loads '("sh-script"))
(put 'message-headers 'custom-loads '("message"))
(put 'idlwave-code-formatting 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'basic-faces 'custom-loads '("faces" "frame"))
(put 'net-utils 'custom-loads '("net-utils"))
(put 'facemenu 'custom-loads '("facemenu"))
......@@ -290,8 +298,9 @@
(put 'comm 'custom-loads '("net-utils" "ph"))
(put 'type-break 'custom-loads '("type-break"))
(put 'mh 'custom-loads '("mh-comp" "mh-e" "mh-utils"))
(put 'convenience 'custom-loads '("abbrev" "autoinsert" "autorevert" "complete" "completion" "dabbrev" "ffap" "filecache" "follow" "hippie-exp" "imenu" "iswitchb" "repeat" "speedbar" "pc-select"))
(put 'convenience 'custom-loads '("abbrev" "autoinsert" "autorevert" "bs" "complete" "completion" "dabbrev" "ffap" "filecache" "follow" "hippie-exp" "imenu" "iswitchb" "repeat" "speedbar" "pc-select"))
(put 'lm 'custom-loads '("landmark"))
(put 'idlwave-routine-info 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'm4 'custom-loads '("m4-mode"))
(put 'gnus-article-mime 'custom-loads '("gnus-art" "gnus-sum"))
(put 'emulations 'custom-loads '("crisp" "tpu-edt" "vip" "viper"))
......@@ -322,6 +331,7 @@
(put 'jit-lock 'custom-loads '("jit-lock"))
(put 'save-place 'custom-loads '("saveplace"))
(put 'msb 'custom-loads '("msb"))
(put 'bs 'custom-loads '("bs"))
(put 'eldoc 'custom-loads '("eldoc"))
(put 'change-log 'custom-loads '("add-log"))
(put 'gnus-group-levels 'custom-loads '("gnus-group" "gnus-start" "gnus"))
......@@ -341,6 +351,7 @@
(put 'gnus-summary 'custom-loads '("gnus-sum" "gnus"))
(put 'compilation 'custom-loads '("compile"))
(put 'ediff-highlighting 'custom-loads '("ediff-init"))
(put 'idlwave-shell-general-setup 'custom-loads '("idlwave-shell"))
(put 'xscheme 'custom-loads '("xscheme"))
(put 'checkdoc 'custom-loads '("checkdoc"))
(put 'gnus-article-hiding 'custom-loads '("gnus-art" "gnus-sum"))
......@@ -454,6 +465,7 @@
(put 'cust-print 'custom-loads '("cust-print"))
(put 'gnus-article 'custom-loads '("gnus-art" "gnus-cite"))
(put 'fortran-indent 'custom-loads '("fortran"))
(put 'idlwave-routine-info-and-completion 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
(put 'hardware 'custom-loads '("battery"))
(put 'edebug 'custom-loads '("edebug"))
(put 'emerge 'custom-loads '("emerge"))
......@@ -479,6 +491,7 @@
(put 'processes 'custom-loads '("comint" "cus-edit" "rcompile" "rlogin" "shell" "term" "metamail" "compile" "executable" "sql" "flyspell"))
(put 'sendmail 'custom-loads '("sendmail"))
(put 'gnus-article-signature 'custom-loads '("gnus-art"))
(put 'idlwave 'custom-loads '("idlwave-shell" "idlwave"))
(put 'viper-ex 'custom-loads '("viper-ex"))
(put 'gulp 'custom-loads '("gulp"))
(put 'ielm 'custom-loads '("ielm"))
......@@ -565,6 +578,8 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'mouse-avoidance-mode 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'browse-url-filename-alist 'custom-version "20.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'browse-url-filename-alist 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'change-log-version-info-enabled 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'change-log-version-info-enabled 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'midnight 'custom-version "20.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'midnight 'group-documentation "Run something every day at midnight.")
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-buffer-done-function 'custom-version "21.1")
......@@ -617,6 +632,8 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'custom-button-pressed-face 'group-documentation nil)
(custom-put-if-not 'dos-codepage-setup-hook 'custom-version "20.3.3")
(custom-put-if-not 'dos-codepage-setup-hook 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'change-log-version-number-regexp-list 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'change-log-version-number-regexp-list 'standard-value t)
(custom-put-if-not 'menu 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'menu 'group-documentation "Input from the menus.")
(custom-put-if-not 'sgml-validate-command 'custom-version "21.1")
......@@ -690,7 +707,7 @@
(custom-put-if-not 'eval-expression-print-level 'custom-version "21.1")
(custom-put-if-not 'eval-expression-print-level 'standard-value t)
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist '(("20.3.3" "dos-vars") ("20.4" "sh-script" "help" "compile") ("21.1" "debug" "paths" "sgml-mode" "fortran" "etags" "cus-edit" "find-func" "simple") ("20.3" "desktop" "easymenu" "hscroll" "dabbrev" "ffap" "rmail" "paren" "mailabbrev" "frame" "uce" "mouse" "diary-lib" "sendmail" "debug" "avoid" "hexl" "vcursor" "vc" "compile" "etags" "help" "browse-url" "add-log" "find-func" "vc-hooks" "cus-edit" "replace"))
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist '(("20.3.3" "dos-vars") ("20.4" "sh-script" "help" "compile") ("21.1" "debug" "paths" "sgml-mode" "fortran" "etags" "cus-edit" "add-log" "find-func" "simple") ("20.3" "desktop" "easymenu" "hscroll" "dabbrev" "ffap" "rmail" "paren" "mailabbrev" "frame" "uce" "mouse" "diary-lib" "sendmail" "debug" "avoid" "hexl" "vcursor" "vc" "compile" "etags" "help" "browse-url" "add-log" "find-func" "vc-hooks" "cus-edit" "replace"))
"For internal use by custom.")
(provide 'cus-load)
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