Commit 645c4f6a authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Add latest changes of old library and some more.

(apropos): Only show unbound symbols when do-all
(apropos-documentation-check-elc-file): new copied function.
(apropos-command): also use `apropos-do-all' when called as function.
(apropos-print-doc): renamed from `apropos-print-documentation', i
is numeric index, replaces parameter tem.
(apropos-macrop): new function.
(apropos-print): use it to differentiate macros.
(apropos-symbol-face, apropos-keybinding-face, apropos-label-face)
(apropos-property-face, apropos-match-face): new variables
replace and extend the effect of `apropos-use-faces'.
(apropos-safe-documentation): renames `safe-documentation', also
returns a cons.
(apropos-regexp, apropos-files-scanned, apropos-accumulator)
(apropos-item): new variables to prevent compiler warnings.
(apropos-value-internal, apropos-documentation-internal): new fns.
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