Commit 648c128b authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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More fixes in src/.gdbinit

* src/.gdbinit (pwinx): Update to match 'struct window'.
(pcursorx): Use "." instead of "->" because the argument is a
struct, not a pointer.
parent 104f3e51
......@@ -352,7 +352,7 @@ end
define pcursorx
set $cp = $arg0
printf "y=%d x=%d vpos=%d hpos=%d", $cp->y, $cp->x, $cp->vpos, $cp->hpos
printf "y=%d x=%d vpos=%d hpos=%d", $cp.y, $cp.x, $cp.vpos, $cp.hpos
document pcursorx
Pretty print a window cursor.
......@@ -369,11 +369,11 @@ end
define pwinx
set $w = $arg0
if ($w->mini_p != Qnil)
if ($w->mini != 0)
printf "Mini "
printf "Window %d ", $int
xgetptr $w->buffer
printf "Window %d ", $w->sequence_number
xgetptr $w->contents
set $tem = (struct buffer *) $ptr
xgetptr $tem->name_
printf "%s", ((struct Lisp_String *) $ptr)->
......@@ -381,16 +381,14 @@ define pwinx
xgetptr $w->start
set $tem = (struct Lisp_Marker *) $ptr
printf "start=%d end:", $tem->charpos
if ($w->window_end_valid != Qnil)
xgetint $w->window_end_pos
printf "pos=%d", $int
xgetint $w->window_end_vpos
printf " vpos=%d", $int
if ($w->window_end_valid != 0)
printf "pos=%d", $w->window_end_pos
printf " vpos=%d", $w->window_end_vpos
printf "invalid"
printf " vscroll=%d", $w->vscroll
if ($w->force_start != Qnil)
if ($w->force_start != 0)
printf " FORCE_START"
if ($w->must_be_updated_p)
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