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(Expressions): Doc C-M-SPC as alias for C-M-@.

parent 0771f2b9
......@@ -641,6 +641,7 @@ Kill balanced expression forward (@code{kill-sexp}).
@item C-M-t
Transpose expressions (@code{transpose-sexps}).
@item C-M-@@
@itemx C-M-@key{SPC}
Put mark after following expression (@code{mark-sexp}).
@end table
......@@ -701,12 +702,14 @@ rather than doing nothing, transposes the balanced expressions ending
at or after point and the mark.
@kindex C-M-@@
@kindex C-M-@key{SPC}
@findex mark-sexp
To set the region around the next balanced expression in the buffer,
use @kbd{C-M-@@} (@code{mark-sexp}), which sets mark at the same place
that @kbd{C-M-f} would move to. @kbd{C-M-@@} takes arguments like
@kbd{C-M-f}. In particular, a negative argument is useful for putting
the mark at the beginning of the previous balanced expression.
The alias @kbd{C-M-@key{SPC}} is equivalent to @kbd{C-M-@@}.
In languages that use infix operators, such as C, it is not possible
to recognize all balanced expressions as such because there can be
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