Commit 64a5094a authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(Flength): The length of char-table is MAX_CHAR.

(concat): Adjusted for the change of CHAR_STRING.
(Ffillarray): Adjusted for the change of CHAR_STRING.
(Fset_char_table_default): Delete codes for a composite character.
(hash_put): Return hash index.
parent ce51c54c
......@@ -139,9 +139,7 @@ To get the number of bytes, use `string-bytes'")
else if (VECTORP (sequence))
XSETFASTINT (val, XVECTOR (sequence)->size);
else if (CHAR_TABLE_P (sequence))
- 1));
else if (BOOL_VECTOR_P (sequence))
XSETFASTINT (val, XBOOL_VECTOR (sequence)->size);
else if (COMPILEDP (sequence))
......@@ -823,14 +821,11 @@ concat (nargs, args, target_type, last_special)
we already decided to make a multibyte string. */
int c = XINT (elt);
unsigned char work[4], *str;
int i = CHAR_STRING (c, work, str);
/* P exists as a variable
to avoid a bug on the Masscomp C compiler. */
unsigned char *p = & XSTRING (val)->data[toindex_byte];
bcopy (str, p, i);
toindex_byte += i;
toindex_byte += CHAR_STRING (c, p);
......@@ -1982,8 +1977,8 @@ ARRAY is a vector, string, char-table, or bool-vector.")
size = XSTRING (array)->size;
unsigned char workbuf[4], *str;
int len = CHAR_STRING (charval, workbuf, str);
unsigned char str[MAX_MULTIBYTE_LENGTH];
int len = CHAR_STRING (charval, str);
int size_byte = STRING_BYTES (XSTRING (array));
unsigned char *p1 = p, *endp = p + size_byte;
int i;
......@@ -2230,7 +2225,7 @@ See also the documentation of make-char.")
/* Even if C is not a generic char, we had better behave as if a
generic char is specified. */
if (charset == CHARSET_COMPOSITION || CHARSET_DIMENSION (charset) == 1)
if (CHARSET_DIMENSION (charset) == 1)
code1 = 0;
temp = XCHAR_TABLE (char_table)->contents[charset + 128];
if (!code1)
......@@ -3912,9 +3907,10 @@ hash_lookup (h, key, hash)
/* Put an entry into hash table H that associates KEY with VALUE.
HASH is a previously computed hash code of KEY. */
HASH is a previously computed hash code of KEY.
Value is the index of the entry in H matching KEY. */
hash_put (h, key, value, hash)
struct Lisp_Hash_Table *h;
Lisp_Object key, value;
......@@ -3941,6 +3937,7 @@ hash_put (h, key, value, hash)
start_of_bucket = hash % XVECTOR (h->index)->size;
HASH_NEXT (h, i) = HASH_INDEX (h, start_of_bucket);
HASH_INDEX (h, start_of_bucket) = make_number (i);
return i;
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