Commit 64eba874 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-mode-map): Add a menu.

parent 26508c03
2010-06-17 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-mode-map): Add a menu.
2010-06-17 Agustín Martín <>
* ispell.el (ispell-aspell-find-dictionary): Fix regexp for
......@@ -1041,7 +1041,8 @@ The variable `package-load-list' controls which packages to load."
;;;; Package menu mode.
(defvar package-menu-mode-map
(let ((map (make-keymap)))
(let ((map (make-keymap))
(menu-map (make-sparse-keymap "Package")))
(suppress-keymap map)
(define-key map "q" 'quit-window)
(define-key map "n" 'next-line)
......@@ -1056,6 +1057,51 @@ The variable `package-load-list' controls which packages to load."
(define-key map "x" 'package-menu-execute)
(define-key map "h" 'package-menu-quick-help)
(define-key map "?" 'package-menu-view-commentary)
(define-key map [menu-bar package-menu] (cons "Package" menu-map))
(define-key menu-map [mq]
'(menu-item "Quit" quit-window
:help "Quit package selection"))
(define-key menu-map [s1] '("--"))
(define-key menu-map [mn]
'(menu-item "Next" next-line
:help "Next Line"))
(define-key menu-map [mp]
'(menu-item "Previous" previous-line
:help "Previous Line"))
(define-key menu-map [s2] '("--"))
(define-key menu-map [mu]
'(menu-item "Unmark" package-menu-mark-unmark
:help "Clear any marks on a package and move to the next line"))
(define-key menu-map [munm]
'(menu-item "Unmark backwards" package-menu-backup-unmark
:help "Back up one line and clear any marks on that package"))
(define-key menu-map [md]
'(menu-item "Mark for deletion" package-menu-mark-delete
:help "Mark a package for deletion and move to the next line"))
(define-key menu-map [mi]
'(menu-item "Mark for install" package-menu-mark-install
:help "Mark a package for installation and move to the next line"))
(define-key menu-map [s3] '("--"))
(define-key menu-map [mg]
'(menu-item "Update package list" package-menu-revert
:help "Update the list of packages"))
(define-key menu-map [mr]
'(menu-item "Refresh package list" package-menu-refresh
:help "Download the ELPA archive"))
(define-key menu-map [s4] '("--"))
(define-key menu-map [mt]
'(menu-item "Mark obsolete packages" package-menu-mark-obsolete-for-deletion
:help "Mark all obsolete packages for deletion"))
(define-key menu-map [mx]
'(menu-item "Execute actions" package-menu-execute
:help "Perform all the marked actions"))
(define-key menu-map [s5] '("--"))
(define-key menu-map [mh]
'(menu-item "Help" package-menu-quick-help
:help "Show short key binding help for package-menu-mode"))
(define-key menu-map [mc]
'(menu-item "View Commentary" package-menu-view-commentary
:help "Display information about this package"))
"Local keymap for `package-menu-mode' buffers.")
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