Commit 64ed4306 authored by Dmitry Antipov's avatar Dmitry Antipov
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* xterm.c (input_signal_count): Remove.

(x_dispatch_event): Define unconditionally.
(x_make_frame_visible): Process X events until the frame
is really visible (Bug#16027).
* xterm.h (x_dispatch_event): Declare unconditionally.
parent b2856a6f
2013-12-06 Dmitry Antipov <>
* xterm.c (input_signal_count): Remove.
(x_dispatch_event): Define unconditionally.
(x_make_frame_visible): Process X events until the frame
is really visible (Bug#16027).
* xterm.h (x_dispatch_event): Declare unconditionally.
2013-12-05 Jan Djärv <>
* nsfns.m (ns_frame_parm_handlers): Add right/bottom_divider_width.
......@@ -165,11 +165,6 @@ static bool toolkit_scroll_bar_interaction;
static Time ignore_next_mouse_click_timeout;
/* Incremented by XTread_socket whenever it really tries to read
events. */
static int volatile input_signal_count;
/* Used locally within XTread_socket. */
static int x_noop_count;
......@@ -253,9 +248,6 @@ static void x_sync_with_move (struct frame *, int, int, int);
static int handle_one_xevent (struct x_display_info *,
const XEvent *, int *,
struct input_event *);
#ifdef USE_GTK
static int x_dispatch_event (XEvent *, Display *);
/* Don't declare this _Noreturn because we want no
interference with debugging failing X calls. */
static void x_connection_closed (Display *, const char *);
......@@ -6853,8 +6845,6 @@ handle_one_xevent (struct x_display_info *dpyinfo,
return count;
#if defined USE_GTK || defined USE_X_TOOLKIT
/* Handles the XEvent EVENT on display DISPLAY.
This is used for event loops outside the normal event handling,
i.e. looping while a popup menu or a dialog is posted.
......@@ -6873,8 +6863,6 @@ x_dispatch_event (XEvent *event, Display *display)
return finish;
/* Read events coming from the X server.
Return as soon as there are no more events to be read.
......@@ -6893,9 +6881,6 @@ XTread_socket (struct terminal *terminal, struct input_event *hold_quit)
block_input ();
/* So people can tell when we have read the available input. */
/* For debugging, this gives a way to fake an I/O error. */
if (dpyinfo == XTread_socket_fake_io_error)
......@@ -8826,9 +8811,6 @@ void
x_make_frame_visible (struct frame *f)
int original_top, original_left;
int retry_count = 2;
block_input ();
......@@ -8877,7 +8859,6 @@ x_make_frame_visible (struct frame *f)
so that incoming events are handled. */
Lisp_Object frame;
int count;
/* This must be before UNBLOCK_INPUT
since events that arrive in response to the actions above
will set it when they are handled. */
......@@ -8931,46 +8912,18 @@ x_make_frame_visible (struct frame *f)
XSETFRAME (frame, f);
/* Wait until the frame is visible. Process X events until a
MapNotify event has been seen, or until we think we won't get a
MapNotify at all.. */
for (count = input_signal_count + 10;
input_signal_count < count && !FRAME_VISIBLE_P (f);)
/* Process X events until a MapNotify event has been seen. */
while (!FRAME_VISIBLE_P (f))
/* Force processing of queued events. */
x_sync (f);
/* Machines that do polling rather than SIGIO have been
observed to go into a busy-wait here. So we'll fake an
alarm signal to let the handler know that there's something
to be read. We used to raise a real alarm, but it seems
that the handler isn't always enabled here. This is
probably a bug. */
if (input_polling_used ())
if (XPending (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f)))
/* It could be confusing if a real alarm arrives while
processing the fake one. Turn it off and let the
handler reset it. */
int old_poll_suppress_count = poll_suppress_count;
poll_suppress_count = 1;
poll_for_input_1 ();
poll_suppress_count = old_poll_suppress_count;
XEvent xev;
XNextEvent (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f), &xev);
x_dispatch_event (&xev, FRAME_X_DISPLAY (f));
/* 2000-09-28: In
(let ((f (selected-frame)))
(iconify-frame f)
(raise-frame f))
the frame is not raised with various window managers on
FreeBSD, GNU/Linux and Solaris. It turns out that, for some
unknown reason, the call to XtMapWidget is completely ignored.
Mapping the widget a second time works. */
if (!FRAME_VISIBLE_P (f) && --retry_count != 0)
goto retry;
......@@ -945,9 +945,7 @@ extern void x_clear_area (Display *, Window, int, int, int, int);
extern void x_mouse_leave (struct x_display_info *);
extern int x_dispatch_event (XEvent *, Display *);
extern int x_x_to_emacs_modifiers (struct x_display_info *, int);
extern int x_display_pixel_height (struct x_display_info *);
extern int x_display_pixel_width (struct x_display_info *);
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