Commit 65606f5e authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(make_terminal_frame): Initialize frame foreground and

background colors to unspecified, for the initial instance of an
MSDOS frame.
parent 24f76fbf
......@@ -561,7 +561,23 @@ make_terminal_frame ()
if (!inhibit_window_system
&& (!FRAMEP (selected_frame) || !FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (selected_frame))
|| XFRAME (selected_frame)->output_method == output_msdos_raw))
f->output_method = output_msdos_raw;
f->output_method = output_msdos_raw;
/* This initialization of foreground and background pixels is
only important for the initial frame created in temacs. If
we don't do that, we get black background and foreground in
the dumped Emacs because the_only_x_display is a static
variable, hence it is born all-zeroes, and zero is the code
for the black color. Other frames all inherit their pixels
from what's already in the_only_x_display. */
if ((!FRAMEP (selected_frame) || !FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (selected_frame)))
&& f->output_data.x->background_pixel == 0
&& f->output_data.x->foreground_pixel == 0)
f->output_data.x->background_pixel = FACE_TTY_DEFAULT_BG_COLOR;
f->output_data.x->foreground_pixel = FACE_TTY_DEFAULT_FG_COLOR;
f->output_method = output_termcap;
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