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(Bugs and problems): Mention the related sections of the Emacs manual, and

the PROBLEMS file.
Suggested by David Kastrup <>.
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......@@ -2692,6 +2692,16 @@ later), which converts these ANSI escape sequences into colors.
@chapter Bugs and problems
@cindex Bugs and problems
The Emacs manual lists some common kinds of trouble users could get
into, see @ref{Lossage, , Dealing with Emacs Trouble, emacs, The GNU
Emacs Manual}, so you might look there if the problem you encounter
doesn't in this section. If you decide you've discovered a bug, see
@ref{Bugs, , Reporting Bugs, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}, for
instructions how to do that.
The file @file{etc/PROBLEMS} in the Emacs distribution lists various
known problems with building and using Emacs on specific platforms.
* Problems with very large files::
* ^M in the shell buffer::
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