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......@@ -17,6 +17,11 @@ Small but important fixes needed in existing features:
Important features:
* Write an INTRO_CVS file with basic instructions how to build emacs
from CVS (make bootstrap), some information on how the config
and build system is tied together, and all sorts of tips and tricks
(FAQ) which may be of interest to new (and old) emacs hackers.
* Provide user-friendly ways to list all available font families,
display a font as a sample, etc.
......@@ -49,6 +54,14 @@ Important features:
* Remove the limitation that window and frame widths and heights can
be only full columns/lines.
* Move fringe to be displayed between display margins and text area.
[KFS is looking into this].
* Set fringe widths per-window/per-buffer.
* Make fringe bitmaps user configurable. Maybe add ability to add
additional bitmaps to the fringe from lisp.
Other features we would like:
* Have a command suggestion help system that recognizes patterns
......@@ -187,7 +200,7 @@ Other features we would like:
Here's a list which is probably not complete/correct: align, allout,
artist, ansi-color, array, battery, calculator, cdl, cmuscheme,
completion, delim-col, dirtrack, double, echistory, elide-head,
completion, cua, delim-col, dirtrack, double, echistory, elide-head,
easymenu, expand, flow-ctrl, format [format-alist],
generic/generic-x [various modes], kermit, log-edit, ledit
[obsolete?], makesum, midnight [other than in Kill Buffer node],
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