Commit 65b77347 authored by Andy Sawyer's avatar Andy Sawyer Committed by Glenn Morris
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* lisp/saveplace.el (toggle-save-place): Fix argument handling (tiny change)

Fixes: debbugs:16673
parent c89f0e99
2014-02-28 Andy Sawyer <> (tiny change)
* saveplace.el (toggle-save-place):
Fix argument handling. (Bug#16673)
2014-02-28 Glenn Morris <>
* minibuffer.el (completions-first-difference)
......@@ -155,12 +155,12 @@ file:
(if (not (or buffer-file-name (and (derived-mode-p 'dired-mode)
(message "Buffer `%s' not visiting a file or directory" (buffer-name))
(if (and save-place (or (not parg) (<= parg 0)))
(message "No place will be saved in this file")
(setq save-place nil))
(message "Place will be saved")
(setq save-place t))))
(setq save-place (if parg
(> (prefix-numeric-value parg) 0)
(not save-place)))
(message (if save-place
"Place will be saved"
"No place will be saved in this file"))))
(declare-function dired-get-filename "dired" (&optional localp no-error-if-not-filep))
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