Commit 65e6824e authored by Sam Steingold's avatar Sam Steingold

Document 2d54710c: vc-git-stash & *vc-dir*

parent 8bd48212
......@@ -325,6 +325,10 @@ file.
This new variable allows customizing the default arguments passed to
git-grep when 'vc-git-grep' is used.
*** Command 'vc-git-stash' now respects marks in the '*vc-dir*' buffer.
When some files are marked, only those are stashed.
When no files are marked, all modified files are stashed, as before.
** diff-mode
*** Hunks are now automatically refined by default.
To disable it, set the new defcustom 'diff-font-lock-refine' to nil.
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