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......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ called EasyPG Library.
* Overview::
* Quick start::
* Commands::
* Caching Passphrases::
* Bug Reports::
@end menu
......@@ -399,6 +400,43 @@ If non-@code{nil}, disable auto-saving when opening an encrypted file.
The default value is @code{t}.
@end defvar
@node Caching Passphrases
@chapter Caching Passphrases
Typing passphrases is an irritating task if you frequently open and
close the same file. GnuPG and EasyPG Assistant provide mechanisms to
remember your passphrases. However, the configuration is a bit
confusing since it depends on your GnuPG installation (GnuPG version 1 or
GnuPG version 2), encryption method (symmetric or public key), and whether or
not you want to use gpg-agent. Here are some questions:
@item Do you use GnuPG version 2 instead of GnuPG version 1?
@item Do you use symmetric encryption rather than public key encryption?
@item Do you want to use gpg-agent?
@end enumerate
Here are configurations depending on your answers:
@multitable {111} {222} {333} {configuration configuration configuration}
@item @b{1} @tab @b{2} @tab @b{3} @tab Configuration
@item Yes @tab Yes @tab Yes @tab Nothing to do.
@item Yes @tab Yes @tab No @tab You can't, without gpg-agent.
@item Yes @tab No @tab Yes @tab Nothing to do.
@item Yes @tab No @tab No @tab You can't, without gpg-agent.
@item No @tab Yes @tab Yes @tab Set up elisp passphrase cache.
@item No @tab Yes @tab No @tab Set up elisp passphrase cache.
@item No @tab No @tab Yes @tab Nothing to do.
@item No @tab No @tab No @tab You can't, without gpg-agent.
@end multitable
To setup gpg-agent, follow the instruction in GnuPG manual.
@pxref{Invoking GPG-AGENT, , Invoking GPG-AGENT, gnupg}.
To set up elisp passphrase cache, set
@xref{Encrypting/decrypting *.gpg files}.
@node Bug Reports
@chapter Bug Reports
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