Commit 660efa1a authored by Dmitry Gutov's avatar Dmitry Gutov
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Fix comment from the last change to `ruby-smie-rules'

parent 5645852c
......@@ -561,7 +561,7 @@ It is used when `ruby-encoding-magic-comment-style' is set to `custom'."
(forward-char 1)
(skip-chars-forward " \t")
;; `smie-rule-hanging-p' is not good enough here,
;; because we want to accept hanging tokens at bol, too.
;; because we want to reject hanging tokens at bol, too.
(unless (or (eolp) (forward-comment 1))
(cons 'column (current-column)))))
(`(:after . " @ ") (smie-rule-parent))
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