Commit 662705b1 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(xscheme-insert-expression): Use add-to-history.

parent 7cd80673
......@@ -580,12 +580,9 @@ The strings are concatenated and terminated by a newline."
;;;; Scheme expressions ring
(defun xscheme-insert-expression (string)
(setq xscheme-expressions-ring (cons string xscheme-expressions-ring))
(if (> (length xscheme-expressions-ring) xscheme-expressions-ring-max)
(setcdr (nthcdr (1- xscheme-expressions-ring-max)
(setq xscheme-expressions-ring-yank-pointer xscheme-expressions-ring))
(setq xscheme-expressions-ring-yank-pointer
(add-to-history 'xscheme-expressions-ring string
(defun xscheme-rotate-yank-pointer (arg)
"Rotate the yanking point in the kill ring."
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