Commit 662b102f authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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Rename isearch-resume-enabled to isearch-resume-in-command-history

and change default to disabled.
parent 3cfa7873
......@@ -1174,9 +1174,9 @@ and to type `C-f' at the end of the search string in the minibuffer.
search string used as the string to replace.
** New user option `isearch-resume-enabled'.
This option can be disabled, to avoid the normal behavior of isearch
which puts calls to `isearch-resume' in the command history.
** Isearch no longer adds `isearch-resume' commands to the command
history by default. To enable this feature, customize the new
user option `isearch-resume-in-command-history'.
** New user option `history-delete-duplicates'.
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