Commit 662b2d1a authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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src/xdisp.c (single_display_spec_string): Correct a FIXME comment.

parent 0e14fe90
......@@ -4413,9 +4413,16 @@ single_display_spec_string_p (Lisp_Object prop, Lisp_Object string)
prop = XCDR (prop);
if (!CONSP (prop))
return 0;
/* FIXME: We should eval the condition following `when', like
handle_single_display_spec does, and retrun zero if it
evaluates to nil. */
/* Actually, the condition following `when' should be eval'ed,
like handle_single_display_spec does, and we should return
zero if it evaluates to nil. However, this function is
called only when the buffer was already displayed and some
glyph in the glyph matrix was found to come from a display
string. Therefore, the condition was already evaluated, and
the result was non-nil, otherwise the display string wouldn't
have been displayed and we would have never been called for
this property. Thus, we can skip the evaluation and assume
its result is non-nil. */
prop = XCDR (prop);
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