Commit 66395e6b authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb-speedbar-auto-raise): New function and variable.

(gdb-var-create-handler, gdb-var-list-children-handler):
Don't match on "char **...".
(gdb-var-update-handler): Find values for all variable objects.
(gdb-info-frames-custom): Identify frames by leading "#".
parent 55b2dea3
......@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@
;; and compiling with -DUNBUFFERED while debugging.
;; Known Bugs:
;; 1) Strings that are watched don't update in the speedbar when their
;; contents change.
;; 2) Watch expressions go out of scope when the inferior is re-run.
;; TODO:
;; 1) Use MI command -data-read-memory for memory window.
......@@ -471,6 +474,21 @@ With arg, use separate IO iff arg is positive."
(forward-char 2)
(gud-call (concat "until *%a")))))))))
(defcustom gdb-speedbar-auto-raise t
"If non-nil raise speedbar every time display of watch expressions is\
:type 'boolean
:group 'gud
:version "22.1")
(defun gdb-speedbar-auto-raise (arg)
"Toggle automatic raising of the speedbar for watch expressions."
(interactive "P")
(setq gdb-speedbar-auto-raise
(if (null arg)
(not gdb-speedbar-auto-raise)
(> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0))))
(defcustom gdb-use-colon-colon-notation nil
"If non-nil use FUN::VAR format to display variables in the speedbar."
:type 'boolean
......@@ -516,7 +534,7 @@ With arg, use separate IO iff arg is positive."
(speedbar-change-initial-expansion-list "GUD"))
(if (or (equal (nth 2 var) "0")
(and (equal (nth 2 var) "1")
(string-match "char \\*" (nth 3 var))))
(string-match "char \\*$" (nth 3 var))))
(if (eq (buffer-local-value 'gud-minor-mode gud-comint-buffer)
......@@ -577,7 +595,7 @@ type=\"\\(.*?\\)\"")
(push varchild var-list)
(if (or (equal (nth 2 varchild) "0")
(and (equal (nth 2 varchild) "1")
(string-match "char \\*" (nth 3 varchild))))
(string-match "char \\*$" (nth 3 varchild))))
......@@ -604,16 +622,12 @@ type=\"\\(.*?\\)\"")
(catch 'var-found-1
(let ((varnum (match-string 1)))
(dolist (var gdb-var-list)
(when (and (string-equal varnum (cadr var))
(or (equal (nth 2 var) "0")
(and (equal (nth 2 var) "1")
(string-match "char \\*" (nth 3 var)))))
(concat "server interpreter mi \"-var-evaluate-expression "
varnum "\"\n")
`(lambda () (gdb-var-evaluate-expression-handler ,varnum t))))
(throw 'var-found-1 nil)))))))
(concat "server interpreter mi \"-var-evaluate-expression "
varnum "\"\n")
`(lambda () (gdb-var-evaluate-expression-handler ,varnum t))))
(throw 'var-found-1 nil))))))
(setq gdb-pending-triggers
(delq 'gdb-var-update gdb-pending-triggers))
(when (and (boundp 'speedbar-frame) (frame-live-p speedbar-frame))
......@@ -1661,7 +1675,7 @@ static char *magick[] = {
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(setq bl (line-beginning-position)
el (line-end-position))
(unless (looking-at "No ")
(when (looking-at "#")
(add-text-properties bl el
'(mouse-face highlight
help-echo "mouse-2, RET: Select frame")))
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