Commit 668ef058 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Windows Keyboard): Explain that Windows was incompatible

with Emacs, not vice versa.
parent 3a8d6df3
......@@ -334,11 +334,14 @@ directory, whereas @file{.emacs} does not.
keyboard input in Emacs.
@cindex MS-Windows keyboard shortcuts
Many key combinations (known as ``keyboard shortcuts'') that are in
widespread use in MS-Windows programs are taken by various Emacs
features. Examples include @kbd{C-C}, @kbd{C-X}, @kbd{C-Z},
@kbd{C-A}, and @kbd{W-SPC}. You can get some of them back by turning
on CUA Mode (@pxref{CUA Bindings}).
Many key combinations (known as ``keyboard shortcuts'') that have
conventional uses in MS-Windows programs conflict with traditional
Emacs commands. This conflict arose because the designers of Windows
did not concern themselves with how Emacs used these characters.
Examples include @kbd{C-c}, @kbd{C-x}, @kbd{C-z}, @kbd{C-a}, and
@kbd{W-@key{SPC}}. You can redefine some of them with meanings more
like the MS-Windows meanings by enabling CUA Mode (@pxref{CUA
@kindex F10 @r{(MS-Windows)}
@cindex menu bar access using keyboard @r{(MS-Windows)}
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