Commit 6695d074 authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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* mh-utils.el (mh-sub-folders-actual): Remove FIXME question.

parent 2338bb05
2011-07-10 Bill Wohler <>
* mh-utils.el (mh-sub-folders-actual): Remove FIXME question.
* mh-mime.el (mh-decode-message-subject): Fix case of Subject.
* mh-folder.el (mh-inc-folder, mh-modify, mh-scan-folder)
(mh-make-folder): Replace calls to switch-to-buffer with of
pop-to-buffer. The former is intended for interactive use only and
......@@ -596,7 +596,6 @@ Expects FOLDER to have already been normalized with
(setq name (substring name 0 (1- (length name)))))
(cons name
;; FIXME: what is this used for? --Stef
(search-forward "(others)" (mh-line-end-position) t))
(forward-line 1))))
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