Commit 66aa61d8 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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Enhancements to set-mark-command and exchange-point-and-mark.

parent 37b844b9
......@@ -329,6 +329,17 @@ each time, so you can mark the next two sexps with M-C-SPC M-C-SPC,
for example. This feature also works for mark-end-of-sentence, if you
bind that to a key.
** Repeating set-mark-command immediately, i.e. C-SPC C-SPC, will enable
transient-mark-mode temporarily if not already enabled.
** A prefix argument is no longer required to repeat a jump to a
previous mark, i.e. C-u C-SPC C-SPC C-SPC ... will cycle through the
mark ring. Use C-u C-u C-SPC to set the mark immediately after a jump.
** When the mark is active, and transient-mark-mode is not enabled,
C-u C-x C-x (exchange-point-and-mark) will temporarily activate
** In the *Occur* buffer, `o' switches to it in another window, and
C-o displays the current line's occurrence in another window without
switching to it.
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