Commit 66b8b1d5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(dun-save-game): Use correct name of endgame question.

parent 18160b98
......@@ -3135,7 +3135,7 @@ File not found")))
(dun-save-val "dun-room-objects")
(dun-save-val "dun-room-silents")
(dun-save-val "dun-inventory")
(dun-save-val "dun-endgame-question")
(dun-save-val "dun-endgame-questions")
(dun-save-val "dun-endgame")
(dun-save-val "dun-cdroom")
(dun-save-val "dun-cdpath")
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