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(Printing): Rename node from Hardcopy. Mention menu bar options.

Move PostScript and PostScript Variables to a submenu.
(Printing package): New node.
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......@@ -1214,7 +1214,7 @@ off directory tracking.
@end ignore
@node Emacs Server, Hardcopy, Shell, Top
@node Emacs Server, Printing, Shell, Top
@section Using Emacs as a Server
@pindex emacsclient
@cindex Emacs as a server
......@@ -1374,14 +1374,17 @@ code, using the option @samp{--eval}. When this option is given, the
rest of the arguments is not taken as a list of files to visit but as
a list of expressions to evaluate.
@node Hardcopy, PostScript, Emacs Server, Top
@section Hardcopy Output
@node Printing, Sorting, Emacs Server, Top
@section Printing Hard Copies
@cindex hardcopy
@cindex printing
The Emacs commands for making hardcopy let you print either an entire
buffer or just part of one, either with or without page headers.
See also the hardcopy commands of Dired (@pxref{Misc File Ops})
and the diary (@pxref{Displaying the Diary}).
Emacs provides commands for printing hard copies of either an entire
buffer or just part of one, with or without page headers. You can
invoke the printing commands directly, as detailed in the following
section, or using the @samp{File} menu on the menu bar. See also the
hardcopy commands of Dired (@pxref{Misc File Ops}) and the diary
(@pxref{Displaying the Diary}).
@table @kbd
@item M-x print-buffer
......@@ -1428,7 +1431,13 @@ whether to supply @samp{-T} and @samp{-J} options (suitable for
@code{lpr-add-switches} should be @code{nil} if your printer program is
not compatible with @code{lpr}.
@node PostScript, PostScript Variables, Hardcopy, Top
* PostScript:: Printing buffers or regions as PostScript.
* PostScript Variables:: Customizing the PostScript printing commands.
* Printing Package:: An optional advanced printing interface.
@end menu
@node PostScript, PostScript Variables,, Printing
@section PostScript Hardcopy
These commands convert buffer contents to PostScript,
......@@ -1492,7 +1501,7 @@ supports ISO 8859-1 characters.
The following section describes variables for customizing these commands.
@end ifinfo
@node PostScript Variables, Sorting, PostScript, Top
@node PostScript Variables, Printing Package, PostScript, Printing
@section Variables for PostScript Hardcopy
@vindex ps-lpr-command
......@@ -1584,7 +1593,33 @@ includes a single directory @file{/usr/local/share/emacs/fonts/bdf}.
Many other customization variables for these commands are defined and
described in the Lisp files @file{ps-print.el} and @file{ps-mule.el}.
@node Sorting, Narrowing, PostScript Variables, Top
@node Printing Package,, PostScript Variables, Printing
@section Printing Package
@cindex Printing package
The basic Emacs facilities for printing hardcopy can be extended
using the Printing package. This provides an easy-to-use interface
for choosing what to print, previewing PostScript files before
printing, and setting various printing options such as print headers,
landscape or portrait modes, duplex modes, and so forth. On GNU/Linux
or Unix systems, the Printing package relies on the @file{gs} and
@file{gv} utilities, which are distributed as part of the GhostScript
program. On MS-Windows, the @file{gstools} port of Ghostscript can be
@findex pr-interface
To use the Printing package, add @code{(require 'printing)} to your
init file (@pxref{Init File}). The usual printing options in the menu
bar will be replaced with a @samp{Printing} submenu, containing
various printing options. You can also type @kbd{M-x pr-interface
RET}; this creates a @samp{*Printing Interface*} buffer, similar to a
customization buffer , where you can set the printing options. After
selecting what and how to print, start the print job using the
@samp{Print} button (click @kbd{mouse-2} on it, or move point over it
and type @kbd{RET}). For further information on the various options,
use the @samp{Interface Help} button.
@node Sorting, Narrowing, Printing, Top
@section Sorting Text
@cindex sorting
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