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#include "irix3-3.h"
#define USG5_3
/* Define HAVE_ALLOCA to say that the system provides a properly
working alloca function and it should be used. */
#undef C_ALLOCA
#define alloca __builtin_alloca
/* use K&R C */
#define C_SWITCH_MACHINE -cckr
/* SGI has all the fancy wait stuff, but we can't include sys/wait.h
because it defines BIG_ENDIAN and LITTLE_ENDIAN (ugh!.) Instead
we'll just define WNOHANG right here.
(An implicit decl is good enough for wait3.) */
#define WNOHANG 0x1
/* No need to use sprintf to get the tty name--we get that from _getpty. */
/* No need to get the pty name at all. */
#ifdef emacs
char *_get_pty();
/* We need only try once to open a pty. */
/* Here is how to do it. */
/* It is necessary to prevent SIGCHLD signals within _getpty.
So we block them. */
#define PTY_OPEN \
{ \
int mask = sigblock (sigmask (SIGCHLD)); \
char *name = _getpty (&fd, O_RDWR | O_NDELAY, 0600, 0); \
sigsetmask(mask); \
if (name == 0) \
return -1; \
if (fd < 0) \
return -1; \
if (fstat (fd, &stb) < 0) \
return -1; \
strcpy (pty_name, name); \
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