Commit 66f229be authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x-handle-name-switch): Renamed from x-handle-name-rn-switch.

parent 5676ab57
......@@ -132,17 +132,16 @@
x-invocation-args (cdr x-invocation-args))))
;; Handle the -name and -rn options. Set the variable x-resource-name
;; to the option's operand; if the switch was `-name', set the name of
;; Handle the -name option. Set the variable x-resource-name
;; to the option's operand; set the name of
;; the initial frame, too.
(defun x-handle-name-rn-switch (switch)
(defun x-handle-name-switch (switch)
(or (consp x-invocation-args)
(error "%s: missing argument to `%s' option" (invocation-name) switch))
(setq x-resource-name (car x-invocation-args)
x-invocation-args (cdr x-invocation-args))
(if (string= switch "-name")
(setq initial-frame-alist (cons (cons 'name x-resource-name)
(setq initial-frame-alist (cons (cons 'name x-resource-name)
(defvar x-display-name nil
"The X display name specifying server and X frame.")
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