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Release MH-E version 7.94.

* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for MH-E release 7.94.
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2006-04-21 Bill Wohler <>
Release MH-E version 7.94.
* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for MH-E release 7.94.
2006-04-21 Nick Roberts <>
* NEWS: Mention t-mouse.el. Touch up description of gdb-ui.el.
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
* Changes in MH-E 7.94
Version 7.94, the first 8.0 release candidate, fixes a bunch of bugs,
incorporates new features introduced in Emacs 22.1, improves folder
completion, and spruces up the tool bar.
** New Features in MH-E 7.94
*** Add :package-version Keyword to Options
This `defcustom', `defgroup', and `defface' keyword was introduced in
Emacs 22.1. MH-E has been extended to take advantage of it. With this
keyword, you can now use `M-x customize-changed-options' to see what
options in MH-E have changed between versions of Emacs. In a future
version of Emacs, you'll be able to see changes between MH-E versions
as well (closes SF #1452724).
** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.94
*** mhparam -components Fails on mailutils
This error prevented MH-E from loading when using GNU mailutils. GNU
mailutils drops the `s' in this argument, so we did too since
-component still works in nmh and MH (closes SF #1446985).
*** "/ s" Still Has Problems With []'d Mail
On XEmacs, subjects that had special characters would prevent `/ s'
from narrowing to the given subject. These characters are now quoted
correctly in XEmacs (closes SF #1447598).
*** Incorrect Example in mh-folder-list Docstring
This has been fixed (closes SF #1448498).
*** Variable mh-send-args Is a String, Not a List
This was causing errors when sending under GNU mailutils. The internal
variable `mh-send-args' is now a list which fixes the problem (closes
SF #1448604).
*** Update Icons
Most of the tool bar icons have been replaced by GTK or GNOME 2 icons
(closes SF #1452715).
*** Can't customize tool bar for current session
If you customized `mh-tool-bar-folder-buttons' or
`mh-tool-bar-letter-buttons', and clicked Set for Current Session, the
tool bar was not updated. This has been fixed (closes SF #1452718).
*** Strip Build Number From emacs-version in X-Mailer
This has been done (closes SF #1466481).
*** mh-folder-completion-function Problems
One could not longer browse folders outside of the standard MH Mail
directory. This has been fixed. As a beneficial side-effect, you can
once again use SPC to complete folders (closes SF #1470518).
*** Rename Function and Variable Definers
If you had ever shown help for an MH-E symbol that was both a function
or variable, you might have found that the hyperlink to the file
brought you to the wrong definition. This has been fixed by renaming
the macros `mh-defgroup', `mh-defcustom', `mh-defface',
`mh-defun-compat', and `mh-defmacro-compat' to `defgroup-mh',
`defcustom-mh', `defface-mh', `defun-mh', `defmacro-mh' respectively
(closes SF #1472029).
*** mh-insert-letter Uses Wrong Default
If you had used `C-c TAB' (`mh-insert-letter') to insert a letter into
your draft, specified a different folder, and chose the default
message number, you got the wrong message. This has been fixed (closes
SF #1473729).
*** "echo -e" in Makefile Causes Solaris 10 Problem
This construct has been replaced with printf, which is reputed to be
more portable (closes SF #1467222, #1473908).
* Changes in MH-E 7.93
Version 7.93, the fourth 8.0 beta release, fixes a handful of bugs in
......@@ -3025,7 +3025,7 @@ See the file GNUS-NEWS or the node "Oort Gnus" in the Gnus manual for details.
** MH-E changes.
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.93. There have been major changes since
Upgraded to MH-E version 7.94. There have been major changes since
version 5.0.2; see MH-E-NEWS for details.
** Calendar changes:
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