Commit 66f9b42e authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(lm-font-lock-face-O, lm-font-lock-face-X):

Renamed from lm-font-lock-O-face, lm-font-lock-X-face to avoid
confusing customize.
parent 60bdd17f
......@@ -220,22 +220,22 @@
(defvar lm-emacs-won ()
"*For making font-lock use the winner's face for the line.")
(defvar lm-font-lock-O-face
(defvar lm-font-lock-face-O
(if window-system
(list (facemenu-get-face 'fg:red) 'bold))
"*Face to use for Emacs' O.")
(defvar lm-font-lock-X-face
(defvar lm-font-lock-face-X
(if window-system
(list (facemenu-get-face 'fg:green) 'bold))
"*Face to use for your X.")
(defvar lm-font-lock-keywords
'(("O" . lm-font-lock-O-face)
("X" . lm-font-lock-X-face)
'(("O" . lm-font-lock-face-O)
("X" . lm-font-lock-face-X)
("[-|/\\]" 0 (if lm-emacs-won
"*Font lock rules for Lm.")
(put 'lm-mode 'front-sticky
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