Commit 6708b99c authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(NO_REMAP): Don't define.

parent 4300ecb8
......@@ -46,11 +46,6 @@ NOTE-END
#define NO_ARG_ARRAY
/* Define WORD_MACHINE if addresses and such have
* to be corrected before they can be used as byte counts. */
/* #define WORD_MACHINE */
/* Now define a symbol for the cpu type, if your compiler
does not define it automatically:
Ones defined so far include vax, m68000, ns16000, pyramid,
......@@ -85,21 +80,6 @@ NOTE-END
#define LOAD_AVE_CVT(x) (int) (((double) (x)) * 100.0 / FSCALE)
/* Define CANNOT_DUMP on machines where unexec does not work.
Then the function dump-emacs will not be defined
and temacs will do (load "loadup") automatically unless told otherwise. */
/* #define CANNOT_DUMP */
/* Define VIRT_ADDR_VARIES if the virtual addresses of
pure and impure space as loaded can vary, and even their
relative order cannot be relied on.
Otherwise Emacs assumes that text space precedes data space,
numerically. */
/* #define VIRT_ADDR_VARIES */
/* Define C_ALLOCA if this machine does not support a true alloca
and the one written in C should be used instead.
Define HAVE_ALLOCA to say that the system provides a properly
......@@ -122,28 +102,6 @@ NOTE-END
/* #define SYSTEM_MALLOC */
/* Define NO_REMAP if memory segmentation makes it not work well
to change the boundary between the text section and data section
when Emacs is dumped. If you define this, the preloaded Lisp
code will not be sharable; but that's better than failing completely. */
#define NO_REMAP
/* Some really obscure 4.2-based systems (like Sequent DYNIX)
* do not support asynchronous I/O (using SIGIO) on sockets,
* even though it works fine on tty's. If you have one of
* these systems, define the following, and then use it in
* config.h (or elsewhere) to decide when (not) to use SIGIO.
* You'd think this would go in an operating-system description file,
* but since it only occurs on some, but not all, BSD systems, the
* reasonable place to select for it is in the machine description
* file.
/* #define NO_SOCK_SIGIO */
#ifdef __ELF__
/* With ELF, make sure that all common symbols get allocated to in the
data section. Otherwise, the dump of temacs may miss variables in
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