Commit 670db9ee authored by Markus Rost's avatar Markus Rost
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Change description of cus-test.el.

parent 6be19e60
2002-10-13 Markus Rost <>
* cus-test.el: Further changes. Improve the reports from batch
(cus-test-libs): Run load tests in external processes.
2002-10-10 Markus Rost <>
* cus-test.el: Extended and reorganized. There are now 3 tests
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ alloc-color.c a utility program that allocates a given number of
dense colormaps (PseudoColor).
build-configs build Emacs in various configurations
check-doc-strings check doc strings against documentation
cus-test.el functions for testing custom definitions
cus-test.el tests for custom types and load problems
diff-tar-files show files added/removed between two tar files
make-emacs build Emacs in various ways
quick-install-emacs install emacs quickly (`incrementally')
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