Commit 671c4681 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(show_mouse_face): Never use text cursor in tool-bar.

parent 0c852d6e
......@@ -21856,7 +21856,7 @@ show_mouse_face (dpyinfo, draw)
/* Change the mouse cursor. */
if (draw == DRAW_NORMAL_TEXT)
if (draw == DRAW_NORMAL_TEXT && !EQ (dpyinfo->mouse_face_window, f->tool_bar_window))
rif->define_frame_cursor (f, FRAME_X_OUTPUT (f)->text_cursor);
else if (draw == DRAW_MOUSE_FACE)
rif->define_frame_cursor (f, FRAME_X_OUTPUT (f)->hand_cursor);
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