Commit 671fbc4d authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(Fmessage): Copy the text to be displayed into a malloc'd buffer.

parent 3a179e58
......@@ -1366,6 +1366,12 @@ use `save-excursion' outermost:\n\
return unbind_to (count, val);
/* Buffer for the most recent text displayed by Fmessage. */
static char *message_text;
/* Allocated length of that buffer. */
static int message_length;
DEFUN ("message", Fmessage, Smessage, 1, MANY, 0,
"Print a one-line message at the bottom of the screen.\n\
The first argument is a control string.\n\
......@@ -1389,7 +1395,19 @@ minibuffer contents show.")
register Lisp_Object val;
val = Fformat (nargs, args);
message2 (XSTRING (val)->data, XSTRING (val)->size);
/* Copy the data so that it won't move when we GC. */
if (! message_text)
message_text = (char *)xmalloc (80);
message_length = 80;
if (XSTRING (val)->size > message_length)
message_length = XSTRING (val)->size;
message_text = (char *)xrealloc (message_text, message_length);
bcopy (XSTRING (val)->data, message_text, XSTRING (val)->size);
message2 (message_text, XSTRING (val)->size);
return val;
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