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2000-12-06 Dave Love <>
* newcomment.el (comment-region, comment-dwim): Doc fix.
* textmodes/texinfo.el: Require tex-mode when compiling.
(texinfo-update-node): Doc fix.
(texinfo-imenu-generic-expression): Add @anchor.
(texinfo-font-lock-keywords): Add @uref.
(texinfo-inside-macro-p): Don't use ignore-errors.
(texinfo-insert-quote): Match more contexts.
* international/mule.el (decode-char, encode-char): Doc fix.
(auto-coding-alist): Customize.
2000-12-06 Dave Love <>
* md5.h (__P): Don't define -- it comes from config.h.
* strftime.c: Change some #if foo to #ifdef foo.
2000-12-06 Andrew Innes <>
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