Commit 6759f872 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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Fix last change.

parent 89c609af
......@@ -2019,7 +2019,6 @@ x_set_mouse_color (f, arg, oldval)
struct frame *f;
Lisp_Object arg, oldval;
Cursor cursor, nontext_cursor, mode_cursor, cross_cursor;
int count;
int mask_color;
......@@ -2169,7 +2168,7 @@ x_set_cursor_color (f, arg, oldval)
fore_pixel = FRAME_BACKGROUND_PIXEL (f);
pixel = x_decode_color (f, arg, BLACK_PIXEL_DEFAULT (f));
pixel = x_decode_color (f, arg, BLACK_PIX_DEFAULT (f));
/* Make sure that the cursor color differs from the background color. */
if (pixel == FRAME_BACKGROUND_PIXEL (f))
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