Commit 6784714b authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(dired-font-lock-keywords): Undo last change.

(dired-readin): Bind indent-tabs-mode to nil.
parent f72c62ad
......@@ -275,7 +275,7 @@ Subexpression 2 must end right before the \\n or \\r.")
;; Dired marks.
(list dired-re-mark
'(0 font-lock-constant-face)
'("[ \t]+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-warning-face)))
'(".+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-warning-face)))
;; People who are paranoid about security would consider this more
;; important than other things such as whether it is a directory.
;; But we don't want to encourage paranoia, so our default
......@@ -289,11 +289,11 @@ Subexpression 2 must end right before the \\n or \\r.")
;; Subdirectories.
(list dired-re-dir
'("[ \t]+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-function-name-face)))
'(".+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-function-name-face)))
;; Symbolic links.
(list dired-re-sym
'("[ \t]+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-keyword-face)))
'(".+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-keyword-face)))
;; Files suffixed with `completion-ignored-extensions'.
'(eval .
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ Subexpression 2 must end right before the \\n or \\r.")
;; It is quicker to first find just an extension, then go back to the
;; start of that file name. So we do this complex MATCH-ANCHORED form.
(list (concat "\\(" (mapconcat 'identity extensions "\\|") "\\|#\\)$")
'("[ \t]+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-string-face))))))
'(".+" (dired-move-to-filename) nil (0 font-lock-string-face))))))
"Additional expressions to highlight in Dired mode.")
;;; Macros must be defined before they are used, for the byte compiler.
......@@ -601,7 +601,8 @@ If DIRNAME is already in a dired buffer, that buffer is used without refresh."
;; Also, we can run this hook which may want to modify the switches
;; based on default-directory, e.g. with ange-ftp to a SysV host
;; where ls won't understand -Al switches.
(let (dirname)
(let (dirname
(indent-tabs-mode nil))
(if (consp dir-or-list)
(setq dirname (car dir-or-list))
(setq dirname dir-or-list))
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