Commit 67965a98 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fformat): Set abort_on_gc during first scan of format.

Reinit FORMAT_START and END before second scan.
parent 3de0effb
......@@ -3255,8 +3255,12 @@ usage: (format STRING &rest OBJECTS) */)
/* We may have to change "%S" to "%s". */
args[0] = Fcopy_sequence (args[0]);
/* GC should never happen here, so abort if it does. */
/* If we start out planning a unibyte result,
and later find it has to be multibyte, we jump back to retry. */
then discover it has to be multibyte, we jump back to retry.
That can only happen from the first large while loop below. */
format = SDATA (args[0]);
......@@ -3456,6 +3460,8 @@ usage: (format STRING &rest OBJECTS) */)
total += thissize + 4;
/* Now we can no longer jump to retry.
TOTAL and LONGEST_FORMAT are known for certain. */
......@@ -3474,6 +3480,8 @@ usage: (format STRING &rest OBJECTS) */)
/* Scan the format and store result in BUF. */
format = SDATA (args[0]);
format_start = format;
end = format + SBYTES (args[0]);
maybe_combine_byte = 0;
while (format != end)
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