Commit 679e2630 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger

(math-parse-tex-sum): Use declared variable math-exp-old-pos.

(math-parse-fortran-vector, math-parse-fortran-vector-end)
(math-parse-eqn-prime):  Use declared variable math-exp-token.
parent 97660b3e
......@@ -263,14 +263,14 @@
(let ((math-parsing-fortran-vector '(end . "\000")))
(math-read-brackets t "]")
(setq exp-token (car math-parsing-fortran-vector)
(setq math-exp-token (car math-parsing-fortran-vector)
math-expr-data (cdr math-parsing-fortran-vector)))))
(defun math-parse-fortran-vector-end (x op)
(if math-parsing-fortran-vector
(setq math-parsing-fortran-vector (cons exp-token math-expr-data)
exp-token 'end
(setq math-parsing-fortran-vector (cons math-exp-token math-expr-data)
math-exp-token 'end
math-expr-data "\000")
(throw 'syntax "Unmatched closing `/'")))
......@@ -386,11 +386,11 @@
(let (low high save)
(or (equal math-expr-data "_") (throw 'syntax "Expected `_'"))
(setq save exp-old-pos)
(setq save math-exp-old-pos)
(setq low (math-read-factor))
(or (eq (car-safe low) 'calcFunc-eq)
(setq exp-old-pos (1+ save))
(setq math-exp-old-pos (1+ save))
(throw 'syntax "Expected equation")))
(or (equal math-expr-data "^") (throw 'syntax "Expected `^'"))
......@@ -504,11 +504,11 @@
(let ((args (if (or (equal math-expr-data calc-function-close)
(eq exp-token 'end))
(eq math-exp-token 'end))
(if (not (or (equal math-expr-data calc-function-close)
(eq exp-token 'end)))
(eq math-exp-token 'end)))
(throw 'syntax "Expected `)'"))
(cons (intern (format "calcFunc-%s'" (nth 1 x))) args)))
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