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2007-11-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* xfaces.c (face_for_overlay_string): Call lookup_face with
correct arguments (fix of synching with the trunk).
2007-11-05 Kenichi Handa <>
* font.c (font_prop_validate_symbol): The argument prop_index is
......@@ -389,7 +394,7 @@
* w32fns.c [USE_FONT_BACKEND]: Port font backend changes from xfns.c.
(x_to_w32_charset, w32_to_x_charset): Expose externally.
* w32font.c: New file for w32 font backend.
* w32font.c: New file for w32 font backend.
2007-05-28 Kenichi Handa <>
......@@ -534,7 +539,7 @@
2007-02-20 Kenichi Handa <>
* xterm.c (x_draw_composite_glyph_string_foreground): Fix
* xterm.c (x_draw_composite_glyph_string_foreground): Fix
indexing into elements of s->cmp and s->char2b.
2007-02-16 Juanma Barranquero <>
......@@ -821,7 +826,7 @@
(Ffont_otf_alternates): Check if the driver has otf_gsub function.
Call font->driver->otf_gsub instead of font_otf_gsub.
* frame.c (x_set_font_backend): Do more works that were done in
font_update_drivers before.
......@@ -1581,7 +1586,7 @@
(Fcoding_system_p): Check Qcoding_system_define_form.
(Fcheck_coding_system): Try to autoload the definition of
* coding.h (CODING_SYSTEM_P): If ID is not available, call
(CHECK_CODING_SYSTEM): If ID is not available, call
......@@ -1695,7 +1700,7 @@
(setup_config, Fw32_get_clipboard_data): Use
(Fx_selection_exists): Move call to setup_config to a place
were signals are allowed.
were signals are allowed.
* lisp.h (Fcoding_system_base, Fcoding_system_eol_type)
(Fcheck_coding_system): Add declarations.
......@@ -1890,7 +1895,7 @@
(detect_coding): Optimization for ISO-2022 when no 8-bit data is
(detect_coding_system): Likewise.
2004-09-01 Jason Rumney <>
* w32fns.c (x_to_w32_font): Update to use new coding struct.
......@@ -1903,7 +1908,7 @@
2004-08-03 Steven Tamm <>
* macterm.c (mac_encode_char): Add charset argument and update
to use encoding_type
to use encoding_type.
(x_new_font,x_new_fontset): Merge in changes from xterm.c;
switch to pure fontset
(decode_mac_font_name): Temporarily remove decoding
......@@ -2003,7 +2008,7 @@
* coding.c: Sync to HEAD.
(emacs_mule_char): Check invalid code more regidly.
* coding.h: Sync to HEAD.
* charset.c: Sync to HEAD.
......@@ -2123,7 +2128,7 @@
a specific size, don't change that size.
(try_font_list): Try a scalable font also in the case that a
pattern string is specified,
2004-03-03 Kenichi Handa <>
......@@ -2338,7 +2343,7 @@
(Qinvalid_source, Qinterrupted, Qinsufficient_memory): New
(Vlast_code_conversion_error): New variables.
(syms_of_coding): DEFSYM or DEFVAR_LISP them.
(syms_of_coding): DEFSYM or DEFVAR_LISP them.
(ONE_MORE_BYTE): Record error if any instead of signaling an
error. If non-ASCII multibyte char is found, return the negative
value of the code. All callers changed to check it.
......@@ -2789,7 +2794,7 @@
(raw_text_coding_system): Check NILP (coding_system).
(coding_inherit_eol_type): Check NILP (coding_system) and
NILP (parent).
(consume_chars): Fix for the case of raw-text.
(consume_chars): Fix for the case of raw-text.
* process.c (read_process_output): Handle carryover correctly.
......@@ -2829,7 +2834,7 @@
notsyntaxspec, categoryspec, notcategoryspec> Fetch a character
(bcmp_translate): Likewise.
* search.c (compile_pattern): Check the member target_multibyte,
not the member multibyte of buf.
......@@ -2935,7 +2940,7 @@
* lread.c (read_emacs_mule_char) [len==2]: Index
emacs_mule_charset correctly.
2003-02-16 Dave Love <>
2003-02-16 Dave Love <>
* coding.c (Qbig5, Vbig5_coding_system, CATEGORY_MASK_BIG5)
(detect_coding_big5, decode_coding_big5, encode_coding_big5)
......@@ -3447,7 +3452,7 @@
* bytecode.c (Fbyte_code): Likewise.
* character.h (LEADING_CODE_LATIN_1_MIN)
* character.h (LEADING_CODE_LATIN_1_MIN)
(unibyte_to_multibyte_table): Extern it.
(unibyte_char_to_multibyte): New macro.
......@@ -3590,7 +3595,7 @@
* casetab.c (set_canon, set_identity, shuffle): Simplified.
* casefiddle.c (casify_object): Simplified. Handle the case that
the case conversion change the byte length.
the case conversion change the byte length.
(casify_region): Likewise
......@@ -3809,7 +3814,7 @@
(lookup_face, lookup_named_face, lookup_derived_face): Prototype
(generate_ascii_font_name): Renamed from generate_ascii_font.
* fontset.h (get_font_repertory_func): New prototype.
(make_fontset_for_ascii_face, fs_load_font): Prototypes fixed.
(FS_LOAD_FONT): Call fs_load_font with the 3rd arg charset_ascii.
......@@ -4023,7 +4028,7 @@
* dispextern.h (redraw_frame, redraw_garbaged_frames): Removed.
* fontset.c (fontset_ref, fontset_set, fs_load_font)
* fontset.c (fontset_ref, fontset_set, fs_load_font)
(Ffontset_info): Convert Lisp types.
* syntax.h (SYNTAX_ENTRY_INT): Don't use make_number.
......@@ -4132,7 +4137,7 @@
(size_t): Removed.
2002-06-06 Dave Love <>
* (chartab.o): Depend on charset.h
......@@ -4285,7 +4290,7 @@
and alt&rule composition.
(decode_coding_iso_2022): Handle composition correctly.
(init_coding_once): Setup emacs_mule_bytes for private charsets.
* charset.c (Fdefine_charset_internal): Fix bug for the case of
re-defining a charset. If the charset has :emacs-mule-id, setup
......@@ -4331,7 +4336,7 @@
* coding.c (Vchar_coding_system_table, Qchar_coding_system):
(Fset_coding_system_priority, Fset_coding_system_priority)
(Fset_coding_system_priority, Fset_coding_system_priority)
(Fdefine_coding_system_internal): Doc fix.
2002-05-16 Dave Love <>
......@@ -4539,18 +4544,18 @@
* .gdbinit (xchartable): Adjusted for the change of char table
(xsubchartable, xcoding, xcharset, xcurbuf): New commands.
* (obj): Add character.o and chartab.o.
(lisp, shortlisp): Remove utf-8.elc:
(*.o): For many files, change dependency on charset.h to
character.h, and add dependency on character.h.
(character.o, chartab.o): New targets.
* abbrev.c, bytecode.c, casefiddle.c, cmds.c, dispnew.c, doc.c,
doprnt.c, dosfns.c, frame.c, marker.c, minibuf.c, msdos.c,
w16select.c, w32bdf.c, w32console.c: Include "character.h" instead
of "charset.h".
* dired.c, filelock.c: Include "character.h".
* alloc.c: Include "character.h" instead of "charset.h".
......@@ -4607,7 +4612,7 @@
(Qccl, Qcclp, Fccl_program_p): Extern them.
* character.c, character.h, chartab.c: New files.
* character.c, character.h, chartab.c: New files.
* charset.c: Mostly re-written. Character and multibyte sequence
handling codes are moved to character.c.
......@@ -4634,7 +4639,7 @@
* disptab.h (DISP_CHAR_VECTOR): Adjusted for the change of char
table structure.
* editfns.c: Include "character.h" instead of "charset.h".
(Fchar_to_string): Always call CHAR_STRING.
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